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The girls that no matter how hard you try will always steal your man right when they walk into the room.
"Dude I was at a party yesterday and this chick walks in through the door in slow motion. Fuck was she hot, obviously she was a puertorican girl!"

"I love me some puertorican girls."
by chittychittybang April 12, 2015
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A really pretty girl , with a nice personality , usually has curly or wavy hair unless artificially straightened. Has a really nice body even by the time they hit 13-14. Will have a quince bigger than most peoples weddings. Most of them live in New York , Florida , and of course , Puerto Rico. Can be really stuck up sometimes. Has pretty hazel or brown eyes. Just an overall beautiful girl that is well known.
Arturo: Wow , who's that chick over there with the nice body and beautiful eyes?
Juan: That's the beautiful puerto rican girl that goes to our school.
Arturo: How did I not notice such a beautiful girl before?
by LaBoricuaKayla October 13, 2013
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