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Traditionally the Puerto Rican Joust occurs when two men decide to partake in a dick measuring contest, but lack the necessary instruments needed for comparison. Similar to a game of chicken the two contenders advance towards each other on foot (rather than by automobile) with fully erect penises . Whom ever makes physical contact with the tip of there member and the opponent's abdomen (usually the belly button) is proclaimed to be the victor of the joust. If one of the contestants halts or strays from the path of collision he or she is disqualified and declared to have and/or be a pussy. The use of PDE5 inhibitors e.g. Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, is not prohibited, but strongly frowned upon.After losing a joust, whether physical or mental, injuries often result in post traumatic stress, self mutilation,homicide, banishment and/or suicide.
The most famous puerto rican joust was between popular hip hop star Justin Bieber and eccentric pop star Lady Gaga, the contest was officially declared a tie.
by ScottWeaver December 28, 2010
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