A female, particularily in high school, who only hangs out with pucks (otherwise known as hockey boys) or other puck bunnies. may exhibit other talents such as dancing, exfoliating, and rapid makeup application. wears a lot of spandex and specializes in moral ambiguity. rarely exlusive with one puck for more than a day at a time. hates and is hated by other girls.
puck bunny: hey baby!!!
puck: i love it when you talk dirty to me
innocent bystander: the only people that girl talks to are the pucks, she's such a puck bunny
by sympathy for the devil June 03, 2005
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aka the hockey team ho
at my school ive been called the puck bunny or the hockey team ho, what can i say... hockey players are HOTT
by RedHotItalianLover February 23, 2004
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A girl who dates (sleeps with, marries, etc.) exclusively hockey players. Derived from the term badgebunny, where girls date only cops.
The forward met his puckbunny of the week at the post-game party. The puckbunny claimed he was her first hockey player to sleep with, but failed to mention that she meant this week.
by princess ice June 03, 2006
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A hockey whore. Will be found at a majority of the travel team's home games wearing slutty clothes completely unsuited for a hockey rink. Only objective is to bang one of the hockey guys. Facebook/myspace page will be open to everyone and will feature multiple mirror shots. (She stands in front of a mirror and takes a picture of her reflection.)
That puck bunny has hooked up with half the hockey team.
by carly morgan March 29, 2009
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A girl who has slept with at least 5 hockey players on one team.

Also referred to as either "puck" or "bunny" for short.
Kate is such a puck bunny...she's slept with at least 6 of the Mississauga Ice Dogs now.
by Brenna July 03, 2003
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A girl who knows absolutely nothing, or close to nothing about hockey, but feigns enthusiasm to gain attention, or impress guys.
Jane said Calgary was her favorite team, and pretended to be so excited over the game, even though she could not name one player on the team.
by sleepy jean June 02, 2004
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1.) A hockey term used to describe a girl who sits around at the ice rink during games and practices, flirts with the players, and tries to act like she knows the game but has no idea what is going on 90% of the time. Puck bunnies usually have no purpose to be at an ice rink other than to try and get porked in the locker room. You can spot one by glancing at the bleachers and seeing a girl in leggings, some form of slutty shirt and/or some type of hockey jersey.

2.) A hockey term used to describe a players girlfriend who is always at the games. She usually roots on the team while also supporting her man.
1.) Andrew: Did u see Corina at the rink today watching us practice?
Jason: Yeah. I don't get why she sits here all the time, she's not bad looking but what's her purpose?
Andrew: She's a puck bunny bro, she wants to feel your hockey stick in here goal.

2.) Jason: Where's your puck bunny at Joe?
Joe: She's in the car she will be here in a sec.
by jason906906 March 02, 2016
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