Pim: "Have you tried the new pubic hair removal treatment?"
Natasha: "What's that?"
Pim: "They set fire to your pubes..."
Natasha:"Pubic hair fire?"
Pim:"FIRE IN THE HOLE, BABY!!!" *hysterical laugh*
by theguywiththepeircedtesticles November 17, 2013
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1)That gross thin, patchy moustache white-trashy folk get when they are in the pre-FBY(Full Blown Yokel) stages. Often accompanied by a rat tail and/or a shaved head.
2)The above mentioned, but on a nerdy kid...or someone who just looks like they have a pubic hair moustache.
3)The Demise of Scott Tenorman's parents....episode 501.
partygo-er 1: Dude, he looks like a young Steve The Cable Guy with that pubic hair moustache!

Dude 1: He does!

Pubic hair moustache kid: (Runs away crying)
by Zap! Dizgopfski April 8, 2006
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Crotch hair; hair covering a human's privates; the bush
Crotch hair in both men and women is natural and can be alluring. Overgrown and totally shaved are turnoffs. A light, neat trim is an enhancement to the area

Tyrone and Brie Ann decided to have a foursome. Neither could get excited over the absence of pubic hair on their partners. Their crotches were totally shaved and waxed and looked childish.
by Richard Black May 1, 2005
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pubic hair cum is the cumgasm that squirts and then oozes out of a guy's dick and runs down his shaft and sticks to his pubic hair when he jacks off and has a cumgasm.
Fuck! I've got pubic hair cum after jacking off!
by USAF Cadet January 14, 2021
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Pubic hair hat shoots puss when you touch it. It makes the person with it sing bad.
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It is when your pubic hair tangles up into a shield if a man is about to be hit in the nads with a heavy object.
by Fyshel Stix June 26, 2008
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