The hair is in the area of the penis the vagina and sometimes the butt hole
They itch and i liek to scratch it
man i love pubic hairs rubbing against my nose
by Elias Gallien November 22, 2003
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"Hey Clarence, scoot that dresser over just a pubic hair and it will be square against that wall"
by Tater finger August 13, 2014
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hairs that would of been growing on your head but they are gay so tend to be around the penis

hairs that come when people go through puberty and like the smell of nice, fresh piss in the morning
(big boys and girls own them!) pubic hairs
by falmdyd October 17, 2009
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When you haven't cleaned your bathroom in so long that if there is a slight breeze pubic hair rolls across your floor.
It's so gross in my bathroom that there's pubic hair tumbleweed.
by angates January 11, 2016
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Like the name implies, a sweater made of pubic hair. The ones with crabs are itchy. Black is the most popular color, but gray, black/gray mix, blonde, and red are also available.
Thanks for the red pubic hair sweater! Red is the warmest kind too!
by stormteam69 April 11, 2010
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when you collect and keep pubic hair from lovers crotch
pubic hair scale is a point system. the closer the hair come from the lips, the highter the number value. ie., hair from her lips are a 9 value, hair from the top of her hair line would be a 1 or 2. i use clear glass jars and mark the time date and woman received from
by viking48 October 23, 2008
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A term used to decribe the Jonas Brothers' hairstyle, which resembles pubic hair sprouting out of the scalp.
Emily: Nick Jonas totally has pubic hair of the cranium.

Tessa: Don't forget Kevin, too. But not Joe.

Emily: Oh no. He's got more of an Ellen DeGeneres hairdo going on.
by ValGal January 30, 2009
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