The closest thing to pleasure
You can also use pubic hair for a sculpture, as you can see in a very interesting art project by an american artist kind of an ironic answer to the Damien Hirst diamonds skull
by insteadofdiamonds January 6, 2012
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the most flamible part of a human body. Why do u think red heads are frotches (fire crotch)?
Eww, some one left pubic hair in my soup.
by David smells April 6, 2003
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Hair that grows in your pubic area and your
armpits. It's also the main reason many people are itchy down there or have pubic lice. The only solution is to get a Brazilian Wax.
When Jake saw Anna's pubic hair, he suggested she should get a Brazilian Wax.
by Lazer81095 March 19, 2009
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hair that is on your pubes.
Sick, my pubes are growing pubic hair that is fucking puzzling. Don't eat pubic hair.
by bread infection November 17, 2005
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the black thingys that are on your arm and penis.
The black thingys were hurting Nina while giving Jake a blowjob
by Jessica February 12, 2005
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