Attaching ones pubic hair to their television by any means nessecery.
Josh: Am I comin' over to watch to super bowl.
Ben: Yeah, we're watchin' it on the pube tube.
by Ben McLaky January 01, 2008
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"put some lube on your pube tube rube, here comes my dum dum bullet"
by theWestHamfan December 29, 2003
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the Internet (slang), as boob tube is for television.

* The Internet is far more about connections between peers than something
shown by a distinct class (TV networks/women) to a more-often separate
consumer class (viewers/men+lesbians).

* Whereas boobs offer diffences along few dimensions, the Internet and pubes
both vary dramatically depending on who the consumer is.

* As with pubes, Internet miners go through forrests (of information) to get
to their ultimate destination.

* There are far more pictures of pubes on the Internet.
At home I watch the boob tube, but at work I mostly surf the pube tube.
by ououou August 09, 2004
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Online streaming service where dudes specifically show off their big bushes of pubes. The bigger the bush, the more views there typically are. Weekly awards are also given out for things like biggest bush, curliest bush and most unusual bush.
Tyrant: Dude I was watching game of thrones the other night. All they dude is bone.

The Boss: Bro, if you’re sick of watching all the pounding, go on PubeTube. The bushes and hedges on that site are crazy and there are some interesting videos on how to even do some landscaping.

Tyrant: Dude I’ll have to check that out in my spare time!
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by Stoney69 April 28, 2019
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