Attaching ones pubic hair to their television by any means nessecery.
Josh: Am I comin' over to watch to super bowl.
Ben: Yeah, we're watchin' it on the pube tube.
by Ben McLaky January 01, 2008
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"put some lube on your pube tube rube, here comes my dum dum bullet"
by theWestHamfan December 29, 2003
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the Internet (slang), as boob tube is for television.

* The Internet is far more about connections between peers than something
shown by a distinct class (TV networks/women) to a more-often separate
consumer class (viewers/men+lesbians).

* Whereas boobs offer diffences along few dimensions, the Internet and pubes
both vary dramatically depending on who the consumer is.

* As with pubes, Internet miners go through forrests (of information) to get
to their ultimate destination.

* There are far more pictures of pubes on the Internet.
At home I watch the boob tube, but at work I mostly surf the pube tube.
by ououou August 09, 2004
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