a deranged and/or psychopathic person who is a mentally ill or unstable person.
the psycho bitch broke my doors with her f***ing head!
by terrific!yo! August 10, 2009
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An psychical unstable person.
The doctor said he's a psycho.
by Alexned February 4, 2016
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a crazy ex who wont leave you alone like mcxkjdwbackjsbckjebfek go away i do not like you
*doorbell rings*
*opens door*
ex is standing there with a teddy and old pictures of you and mascara streaming down her face.
*slams door*
god dammit she is a psycho
by the girl on this screen March 31, 2019
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a person who
1. lives in their own fantasy world;
2. believes their own lives;
3.thinks they have friends that will help them kick your ass when you say something logical;
4. does not understand common sense, integrity, dignity or self respect;
5. causes unnecessary problems for attention;
6. pretends to make plans to hang out to show they are the 'good one' when in actuality is a shady bitch
7. cannot control their emotions
person 1: Wow, that Frances girl is such a psycho!
person 2: Frances started shit with me, and I have never even met her! Who is she?
person 3: Frances is a girl? sounds like a guy's name, what a fag
by frances only friend March 22, 2008
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The guy that brings in a knife to school and shows it under the table. He also tends to talk shit.
Me: Hey man where you been?
psycho: Joyridin' with my dad.
Me: Ya...haaaa....
psycho: Just shut it yeah or i'll gash your ears!!! Ahooheer arrr. Meh? Meh? and? sandpit..
by Definitor...unator. November 8, 2004
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A two syllable word to describe a person who has ideas too big for tiny minds to comprehend.
How does he do that? he must be a psycho.
by Jmaverick May 12, 2016
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That guy at the party standing in the corner of the room pretending to be a hatstand. Or the guy you put your tent up next to at a music festival.
psst... over there. No eye contact. That one with foam dribbling over his chin... psycho.
by Bob Random August 27, 2003
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