A woman who's hormal imbalance, troublesome upbringing, or current brain chemistry renders her irrational, angry, and prone to acts of violence, like throwing my $3,400 wide-screen HDTV through the window!
What the... That psycho bitch just threw my $3,400 wide-screen TV through the window!
by Gene' Bujold June 26, 2004
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A member of the female gender which experiences drastic mood swings accompanied by irrationality while placing the blame for such behavior on her spouse.

BEWARE! A PB typically is capable of hiding her disorder until she has her spouse lulled into a sense of comfort.

Symptoms include, but are not limited to: throwing objects, shouting explicatives, vandalizing her spouses automobile, beating on doors at all hours of the night, spending excessive amounts of money, criticising one for their actions and doing the same herself, typically raised by another PB, princess complex, and usually wild in bed.
Any ex in which you have muttered....."Crazy %$#@$!ing bitch." usually qualifies as an example.
by Magnet August 24, 2005
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(noun) someone who makes everything a huge deal and is unconcerned with the affect it has on things around her. a psycho bitch is often very selfish and thinks highly of themselves. they want what they want and dont care about anyone else and will do insane things to get their way.
my ex is a huge psycho bitch, she hacked my social media and blocked every girl i follow
by danisraddd February 7, 2017
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1. A raging female who manipulates the justice system by claiming she was a victim in every case. Such as her boss on countless occasions sexually harassed her, and in every a count the case was turned down because there was no evidence. Or the time she said her husband victimized her and called the cops, even though she came at him with a hammer and beat down a door just to get her cat who was terrified and hiding under the bed.

2. Falls in love with human resource mangers and psychologists because they are the only people who get paid to listen to her.

3. Can not work a job for more than 6 months before her bosses try to fire her because they can't stand working with her. After 4 jobs in 6 years, she has made such as bad reputation for herself, she can no longer work in her field. Now she must work selling appliances to help feed her 8 cats.

4. Bitches for no apparent reason.

5. Goes crazy with out any reason and throws the tv to the ground and since she was unemployed at the time, has no money to buy another one.

6. Sits, mopes, and bitches.

7. Incapable of cleaning up after herself or doing basic chores, such as letting the cats piss all over.

8. Totals vehicles in single car accidents for no apparent reason. (Be careful she drives an SUV and has bad car insurance.)

9. Thinks she can hold a two way conversation with Jesus and God. (Did not realize this was possible??)

10. Someone who needs to be put in a mental institution for life.
Beware of the Psycho Bitch.

Thank God the Psycho Bitch left me for the Human Resource Manager.
by gerr June 11, 2006
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any decent woman's boyfriend's EX-wife, who can't seem to remember the part that says EX.
no need for an example, we've all known them
by beth August 6, 2004
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When your manager tells you that your sprained ankle isn't bad enough for you to go home early.
Kris just told me that if I go home after spraining my leg, I'm fired. She's being a psycho bitch!
by thetripleb September 22, 2013
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Term used to describe an ex wife who drags her ex husband to court multiple times a year claiming he owes her money, for the sole purpose of being a bitch. This type of dog will even go so far as to call a courthouse and yell at the clerks to give her her money, even though the judge has already ruled in her ex husbands favor.
That gross miserable psycho bitch Kathy just called the court house screaming again....
by Shegotcrabs June 25, 2010
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