Extremely overprescribed drug that is commonly handed out like candy. Can provide some 'numbing' effects for some, but corrects no real 'imbalance'. Much of it's 'help' is placebo effect related and it can be dangerous in many instances.
They don't need love, they're suffering from 'medical neglect', give 'em prozac!
by Shadow Creator September 03, 2007
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over-prescribed medicine for anyone who claims to have any mental illness. disassosiation should be expected.
here's some prozac. if that doesn't fix anything, you can always jump off a cliff.
by laura May 05, 2005
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i pill that wastes yours or your parents money which is supposed to help deppression but doesnt realy work it just makes you want to kill yourself but you arent depressed
prozac cause sometimes you feel like a nut and sometimes you dont
by Lynn May 06, 2005
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A dangerous anti-depressant which has simply become too socially acceptable. You literally feel nothing on this drug and are belligerent and easily irritated. Sometimes you want to become a psychopath on it, and have thoughts to hurt people or yourself. Some gangsters in the hood and corrupt cops (among other lowlifes in society) take it in conjunction with Xanax during episodes of armed combat, so they do not feel pain or fear.

Prozac has had direct implications in countless homicides and suicides, along with mass tragedies (see Columbine Sandy Hook). However, big pharma don't want the common man to know this. The cunts.
The effects of Prozac led to Brian jumping in front of a moving train.
by Take a Shit January 07, 2017
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an anti-depressant drug
people who get really depressed and suicidal, and stuff take it to get happy, even bi-polar ppl take it in severe cases. i'm researching up on prozac for my planning class.
i don't know alot about it, but i do know that in certain curcumstances, it can be very harmful.
by Cucumbermonger November 10, 2006
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