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proud to be Australian is a little sentence used by Australians. the stupidest thing that has ever been said by anyone. why would anyone be proud to be that. you all hate your own creations: such as the company holden. you all prefer to drive ford which is true American and whats even worse is that there is a little bit of rivalry between the two countries. the hate in your hip hop scene is unbelievable. your all Australian get along! but the worse one is racism. back in the day you came here and took the land from aboriginals and then you created the stolen generation program to wipe out all the aboriginals. tell me what person has the sort of mind to even think of that. that is probably the most mental thing I have ever seen in my life. getting rid of a culture, was it because their dicks are bigger? or was because their skin was darker? then you finally stopped picking on them in the 90's. I would really hate to be an Australian. sure every country had their own fights between black and white but it didn't end in the 90's
Bazza: im so proud to be Australian, true blue aussie.

joe: why would you be proud to be one of those.
bazza: true blue mate, straya for life. why wouldn't you be proud.
joe: because you cockheads wanted to kill a whole culture.
by proud not to be australian September 13, 2013
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