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An aspiring metal band out of Ontario that embodies anything intensity could be construed to be. The range of the vocalist is impressive and amazingly flawless performed live, the drummer couldn't possibly make better use of his double bass pedal, and the guitarists pull off intricuit and beautiful parts. There's nothing more demanding than their sound, and they have the off stage personalities to pull it off. They're all around talented kids with an amazing work ethic and over powering stage presence. Not to mention great lyrics.

People who call this music emo probably can't even begin to comprehend the lyrics.

Kids who so pretentiously consider themselves music connoisseurs would only be able to appreciate music like this if they had an eclectic taste. None the less, this band and every band deserves respect no matter what your opinion of their sound is.
"Protest The Hero sucked at the vagrant stage! What are those emos donig on warped tour?!"

"High voices don't mean emo, low voices mean average. Talk to me when you can hit those notes, pull off those riffs, and get stage presence and a record label to back you up."
by Savvy Rae July 22, 2006
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Protest the Hero is a thrash metal/metalcore/post-harcore/punk band from Whitby, Ontario, Canada. They are made up of Rody Walker(vocals), Arif Mirabdolbaghi(bass, vocals), Luke Hoskin(lead guitar, vocals), Tim Millar(rhythm guitar, vocals) and Moe Carlson(drums). They are a very talented band, judging from the material in their latest release, Kezia. They are not very emo, although it does sound like it sometimes in their music.
Random Poser: This band sucks. It's just a bunch of screaming and junk. Panic! At the Disco and Fall Out Boy are way better.
Me: Poser... Protest the Hero is better than all the bands you listen to. Any GOOD, TALENTED MUSICIAN will tell you that.
by WaxTuna September 22, 2006
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Being called emo only by those who have limited or no knowledge about modern musical genres, Protest the Hero is an incredible metal band, however, not in the traditional sense as defined by most metal head fans of bands such as Dragonforce. Nobody is required to enjoy Protest the Hero, but a little respect is the least one could offer to one of the most musically talented groups to come out of Ontario in as long as I can remember.
Dragonforce fan: "Isn't Protest the Hero emo?"

Hunter: "Well they must be if they're selling black sweatshirts - right moron?"
by Hoontar May 25, 2006
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An incredibly talented band from Whitby, Ontario, Canada.

And good fucking god, they are in no way emo. Modern emo is bland, unoriginal, whiny, commercialized shit. These guys deserve some fucking respect.

They are all incredibly talented at what they do. The guitarists can tap/shred at a very high level of playing standards, as well as being able to come up with some very catchy riffs.

The rhythm section comes up with some very intricate, unique ways to back up the songs, and the bassist can do more on his bass than most 'emo' guitarists can play on guitar. He also writes some very good lyrics.

The vocalist has a great range of singing and screaming as well as a great stage presence.

So to summarize: Kick ass band, nothing to do with emo

They don't even deserve a metalcore label because metalcore is again bland and uncreative. These guys play progressive/math metal.
Check out Fortress, the latest album from Protest the Hero. It is worth every pennie.
by SCTS January 10, 2009
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Protest the Hero, sometimes known as PTH, or simply Protest, is a thrash metal/metalcore/post-hardcore/punk (NOT EMO) band from Whitby, Ontario. Their members are Rody Walker (vocals), Arif Mirabdolbaghi (bass, vocals), Luke Hoskin (lead guitar, vocals), Tim Millar (rhythm guitar, vocals) and Moe Carlson (drums). They are a very talented band, and should not be criticized even if people don't like them, they deserve respect. I've heard them being compared to DragonForce, which is ridiculous. DragonForce's guitarists can't even play their own songs live, while Protest the Hero's can, not to mention the band having great stage presence. You don't have to like PTH, but they deserve some respect.
Me: Dude, Protest the Hero is one of the best bands ever!

Musically Retarded Person: Hell no! DragonForce is better!

Me: Right. DragonForce can't even play their own songs live. Protest the Hero is better than that shit.
by synystershadows13 June 20, 2009
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A name synonymous with the word "shit". This group is a cluster of lower-functioning humans known in latin as "emos" (roughly translated, it means "crapbags"). These single brain-celled organisms originated in the basement of a middle class home and sprouted guitars after a period of misplaced belief in their own ability. Th result is utter tragedy, particularly for the music industry. There is more to protest about this 'band' than their wannabe-toughguy name. If they died painful, slow deaths, the world would somehow be a lot better.
Emo: Heyy niggs, you check out the new Protest the Hero cd?
Rational Human: No. If I wanted to hear shit I'd tape record myself taking a dump.
Emo: Hey I think that's the third track on their album...
Rational Human: Please die.
by Shove_It October 24, 2006
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