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best done with a taller man and a shorter woman

The man stands facing the womans back, bends his knee's slightly and sticks his dick up her arse.
He then straightens his legs lifting her tiny lil feet off the ground, slightly remeniscent of Wile Coyote just after he's run off the edge off a cliff and is hanging in the air with legs still running.
the man then uses one hand to set the woman spinning on his dick

1. Wearing a pilots helmet, making helecopter noises with your mouth and pretend you are back in the 90's playing LHX Attack Chopper on your old Sega Meagdrive is optional but may enhance the experience somewhat.

2. It is strongly adviseable NOT to perform this particular sexual position if you were in the Vietnam war as it may cause flashbacks, leading you to crash your female helicopter in to the sofa, apply camoflage makeup and go live in the bush in the back garden for several weeks before finaly emerging and uttering the phrase "You wasnt there man" to random passers by,

3. You will end up with a brown ring on your thing. in fact, if your a white guy, the end of your penis may actualy end up looking like that of a pakistani man due to the colour change, except considerably longer cuz we all know pakistani's have small dicks, or at the very least, it will look like your penis has a sun-tan
Bertha: Hey, what the fuk? where did you just ram that thing
Olaf : Right up your shitter.we are about to have propeller sex baby !
Bertha: No, wait !!!! i get dizzy easy and.. . . .oh. . .woooo woooo woooo woooo !
by Snarfy June 10, 2009
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