n : film or literature designed to stimulate sexual desire syn: pornography, porno



"pron" or "pr0n" is

An accidental or deliberate misspelling of the word 'porn'. Due to the common misspelling of the word, it has been accepted and encouraged amongst the online gaming community.
It was also used to get around keyword filtering such as in AOL's parental control.
This allowed all the children of the world to have access to all the porn (or pr0n) that is nessessary for a healthy childhood.
"dude, I found some wicked newfangled pr0n on the interweb"
by wormwood January 17, 2004
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I was really horny and put pron instead of porn
by BaByboomer January 19, 2012
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A l33tspeak codeword for Porn, originally used to avoid keyword filters that might expose hidden FTPs or websites.
the pr0n can be found at microsoft.com/cgi-bin/laden/i/j/pr0n/
by My penis smells like praws August 16, 2003
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type of delicious khmer food totally. totally not lying.
who ever accept this definition gets 1000 years of goodluck
via giphy
by kealeang March 31, 2019
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Group of huge window sucking bench licking sister kissing sewer dwellers who think they deserve to breathe the same air as other people
Person1:are you a part of pron
Person2:I rather be fucking dead
by Txcvn March 25, 2020
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