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A "promo box" is a retro style rectangular tin (metal) lunch box. Also referred to as a carry all.

Makell Bird, founder of ADED.US Music Distribution, took the idea of an old school kid's lunch box –– which was popular amongst kids in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s –– and rebranded it as a way to carry around a musicians's personal belongings.

The following items are items you would usually see in a "promo box":
cell phone, smart phone, wallet, plastic cards like credit cards, business cards, promotional stickers, cd's, dvd discs, lighters, weed, guitar picks, batteries, charger cables, small cameras....

The whole point behind the "promo box" is to turn any person (in this case, someone in the music business) into a traveling salesman. A "promo box" allows the carrier to distribute and promote his person and/or business material all over town. It serves as a smaller version of a suitcase and it also makes a wonderful appendage so that you don't have to carry all these items in your wallet or a backpack.

Thanks to it's shape, you can also put promotional stickers all over it like you would do to a laptop or car window.
This dude just gave me a free CD and some business cards out of his promo box.
by maktown September 13, 2014
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