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Pioneer DJ of Goa Trance from Los Angeles Ca. One of only a handful of DJ's capable of keeping every track in his full length releases in key with one another through the use of harmonic mixing. In fact, it could be argued that Project 2501 possesses the most versatile skill sets of any psytrance or goa trance dj! What fuels that belief is his ability to seamlessly transition between tracks using perfectly matched beats combined with clever phrase alignment resulting in transitional mixing lasting up to 120 seconds long where the simultaneous playing of two different records can blend together without suffering from unwanted and noticeable consequences such as the clashing of notes or sonic cancellations but instead the two opposing tracks actually compliment one another and create an entirely new song or "mini-song" that masks any indication to the listener of a track ending and a new one beginning. You wont find a better example of these skills than what is showcased on Project 2501's full length release from Nov. 2011 entitled " Derelict Space Beacon " produced by LSD-25 Visible Sound Recordings. Derelict Space Beacon has to be the most influential and important contribution to have ever graced Goa trance music in respect to what has been offered in the DJ aspect of the Genre.
if you are unfamiliar with Goa Trance music but enjoy most electronic genres of music then you owe it to yourself to have a master of the craft be the first to give you a proper introduction.
Project 2501 is head and shoulders above the herd of uninspiring ho-hum goa DJ's that have flooded the market.
by NorincoSKS May 14, 2015
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