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One who indiscreetly and publically grabs female, or male, tits. Payment to the titty grabber can anything from an angry hand slap to a knee to the testicles. NOTE: The only case by which payment will not be painful is if the titty grabber is female and knows the titty grab-ee.

Victims of professional titty grabbers can often be inclined to sue, or even get something known as a "restraining order". But don't worry titty grabbers, for there are many other tits in the sea of cleavage.
DUDE1: *Pained look on face; hunched over in pain*
DUDE2: DUDE! What happened??!!?!?
DUDE1: Amanda gave me the payment for that titty grab i gave her.
DUDE2: Awww, no worries man, they'll grow back. Get back on the horse! Keep on truckin! There aren't enough professional titty grabbers as it is!!!
by brocksamson696 April 16, 2008
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