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Any person who has been in college for more than 5 + years of college experience; The student with the most debt; Students who have attended a 2 year college but took 4-5 years to finish it or transferred or never graduate;Usually also known as under achievers;Students who has more friends than Tom in myspace; Excessive partier even in his/her late 30's; Student who has a 5 year old kid when they finally graduate; Just finishing his/her 4 year degree nearing upon his/her high school reunion.
Robert: What is going on Fred? What have you been up to since after we graduated in '96?

Fred: I've been in college. I finally finished my 4 year degree this year.

Robert: Really?

Fred: Yeah I've been a professional college student
by Chappelle is my nigga July 18, 2006
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