An idealistic position acknowledging that from a scientific point of view, human life begins at conception and thus human rights should extend to the unborn. Because this also assumes personal responsibility, it is widely despised.

See also, pro-choice.
If you are pro-life you would not find it advantageous to kill abortion doctors or support capital punishment.
by Killing Kittens October 09, 2004
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Anyone who thinks unborn babies are alive. That's where this little propaganda starts. Silly, right? Well, these people think unborn babies are alive and that abortion is evil and wrong. ADOPTION IS THE ONLY OPTION! Says them. Don't listen to any retarted propaganda stories that everyone writes. Like, I am a little baby and I wanna grow up and meet mommy and oh no! mommy killed me. That's the blunt, shortened version without all the filler they add. They want you to blow up hospitals. I don't get that. If you blow up a hospital, aren't *you* killing? Abortion is murder? No, blowing up is murder. And anyway, what if they were raped! They could raise an adoption place, if they wanted. I know some flaws with that, but I'm trying to define rather than rant (though I'm sure I haven't succeded! Sorry guys!) so I won't list them.
My friend is Pro Life and she wants to protect unborn fetuses and blow up hospitals!
by Judythereaper August 06, 2006
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People who are pro-life tend to be right-wing christians.They claim that we do not have the right to play god,however, right wing christians are usually pro-death penalty. These same people that also fight for pro-life like to send death threats and bomb and kill abortionists.
"Im pro-life so i think people who abort should get the death penalty"
"Um, so then how are you pro-'life'?"
*runs away*
by nego December 02, 2005
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Pro Life guy: Hey, you can't abort that kid!
Woman: Yeah I can. The FETUS was da result of a rape you narrow minded facist bastard!
Pro Life guy: Fuck you bitch ima go blow up a hospital.
Woman: Fuck you! *Pulls out .44 Magnum and shoots da facist fucker*
by A big giant freakin turd October 10, 2009
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The stance taken by most redneck, ignorant, southern, christian, conservatives on the issue of abortion. This stance, however, is COMPLETELY contradicted by its' followers unmitigated support of the dealth penalty, but usually, they're too blind to see this.
by Ralph Kerry March 14, 2005
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it's kind of a double standard in a way, i mean they dont want women to have abortion's no matter the circumstance.

and the reason being is that they are a bunch of idiots who have taken the text of the holy bible too literaly so they are now out to save the hedonistic preggo's and smit the abortionist's.

isnt it kind of ironic that there are pro lifer's out there,,,murdering doctor's!

ha-ha, oh the irony,,,hahahahahahaha!
jerry falwell: hi im pro life!

the rest of the world: yeah you look it!

by reverend E! May 16, 2007
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Name given to citizens who believe that abortion and/or the dealth penalty is wrong. Many believe that pro-life only refers to abortion.

Christians usually spend too much time focusing on abortion and not enough on the Death Penalty. Usually to present this they carry around picture of mutilated babies, many of which are fake.

Although some may disagree with their beliefs, they should not dehumanize them. They have the right to believe what they please. They should also do this to pro-choicers.
1. I am pro-life, I believe that a fetus is actually a human life, with a soul, and every fetus has the right to life.

2. I am pro-choice, the opposite of pro-life, I believe that the fetus is just a mass of human tissue. I believe that a woman should decide whether she wants to continue with her pregnancy.
by Rosuto June 26, 2006
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