An ideal followed and believed by those who are intelligent and open minded enough to realize that, although abortion is not glamorous or favored by all, it is something that will happen whether it is legal or not.

In the times before legalized abortions, tons of women died trying to abort their children themselves or by going to unclean and unprofessional doctors to do the job.

Whether abortion is legal or not, women will still try to get rid of their babies if they wish to abort.

Now, if you really are "pro-life", then what about all of those mothers that bled to death or died by infection caused by trying to abort their unwanted children on their own? What about all of the women that it would happen to if abortion were to be illegalized again? Those lifes are just as important, are they not? Where's the "pro-life" there?

Many "pro-lifers" accuse "pro-choicers" of actually being anti-life or pro-abortion. Never in my life have I ever met a person who claimed to be pro-choice, but in reality was pro-abortion. No one thinks "Hrm, I think aborting unwanted children is a good idea."

Some just realize that it will happen, their are instances where it makes sense, and whether it does make sense or not, a woman should have the right to chose what she wants to do.
Pro-lifer: "Abortions should be illegal because I'm too stubborn, pig headed, and caught up in my own religious agenda to think logically about it and make a realistic decision on the subject."

Pro-choicer: "Women should have the right to chose whether they carry a baby to term, because it is her body, and no one else should be allowed to tell someone how to run your body and make your own choices."
by Lacey C. M. November 05, 2007
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adj. probably the easiest and the most convenient political belief to support since you don't have to be pro-choice to be pro-choice; perhaps it's even oxymoronic.

Aside from supporting legality of abortion, pro-choice also supports birth control, family planning, real sex education, and right to enjoy your sex life. All contribute to fewer number of unwanted pregnancies and happier families, but (not) ironically, pro-life does not support any of this. In fact, no pro-life organization in United States endorse birth control.

Contrary to pro-life lies, abortion is one of the safest surgical procedures EVER, and there's no such thing as post-abortion syndrome. In fact women felt good after having an abortion, and adoption is actually the factor that causes the symptoms of those so-called post-abortion syndrome.

If pro-lifers are so pro-life, why would they slaughter eight doctors? They say abortion kills future doctors and scientists. Well masturbation does the same thing, so this must mean that masturbating should be illegal. Same goes for women having periods. Periods make women cranky anyways.

Pro-choice's belief summed up to one phrase: "Right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness"
Avoid sites like www.prochoice.com and abortionfacts.com; their sites contain false information. Also opt for Planned Parenthood instead of pregnancy crisis centers, who also gives false, misleading facts. Pro-choice organizations are dedicated to preventing unwanted pregnancies and protecting women's lives.
by Kenny McCor July 08, 2006
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As opposed to "pro-life", "pro-choice" refers to a woman's right to choose whether or not she wants to have an abortion.
Ignorant christian: Women should not have a choice on whether or not they get to abort their pregnancy.We must save the babies! Boo pro-choice!

Girl:Hey, think about this. Personally, I would never choose abortion because it's not right for me but I do believe that we should not restrict women from making personal choices about their body.
by Hit Girl 222 October 26, 2010
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In support of the possibility of variation, alternatives, and options. The phrase has little to do with specific issues, and much to do with human rights as a general concept.
Free Will was given to us by God; who are we to try and take that away...
by Elle March 29, 2005
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Pro-choice is the view that a woman should have control over her fertility and the choice to continue or terminate a pregnancy. This means the guarantee of reproductive rights, which includes access to sexual education; access to safe and legal abortion, contraception, and fertility treatments; and legal protection from forced abortion.

I am pro choice.
We are not pro-abortion. We advocate sex ed, contraceptive use, and the right to choose, because you can be pro-choice and not get abortions. Also, we don't hate children because every child should be a wanted child.
We, at Planned Parenthood, are a Pro-Choice organization. We believe it is the right of the woman to choose what goes on with her body. It's between her and her doctor, NOT the government. They don't have the right to legislate over her body. We also advocate reproductive rights, and the right to use contraceptions. Also, we advocate the right to up to date, medically correct sex-ed
by prochoicestudent December 12, 2009
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A choice that would be made by an individual who is a professional or otherwise extremely talented and tasteful.
"That new mattress gave me the best sleep ever! Buying it was really a pro-choice."
by Dr. Williamson February 17, 2010
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A supporter of Choice. the word is vague for a reason. It' not pro-abortion, or pro-murder, pro-child-death-penalty, but pro-choice. The power to choose what is best for you and in some cases your children. The power to choose to support your friends or family in the choices they have made. The power to choose to live without hate in our hearts. The power to choose the children we already have over the children who might be. The power to choose learning and growing or simply not being ready. The choice to use or abuse. The choice is yours.
I'm strongly and proudly pro-choice...I choose not to.
by Ludakrissy February 28, 2009
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