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A fairly large creature that is a result of an experimental object which is the creation of Dr. Olga and Professor Gary. The primadonna lenny loves to sing Abba, queen, and Russian folk songs. He enjoys marijuana (it repels its A.D.D. elixir). Prancing, dancing, romancing, lancing, break-dancing, belly dancing, clog dancing, and of course nude dancing. During the days of the week, the primadonna spends his time gazing at a book, whilst dreaming of a better life. The primadonna lenny fears his own lair, for his creators will beat him with a stick if he does wrong. In reality, as opposed to fantasy, he cowers in Florida, where the crocadili roam. His two younger siblings are closet homosexuals.

me: oh god
you: what?
me: primadonna lenny is singing and dancing...once again.

me: who is that fairy ovar thar.
you: oh you mean primadonna lenny?!

you: primadonna sure is hyper tonight
me: no, thats his A.D.D.

you: why?
me: he ingested some marijuana earlier today
by psebriaty69.9 February 04, 2010
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