A wanker in the most extreme form. Uneducated,loud and very annoying. Awful taste in music, his music is defined as SHIT! Often found dancing in the mirror and checking his "guns" out to the sound of minimal.
Oi mate your being a right Pricey!!
by 72/74's Finest December 13, 2010
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An absolute legend. He and BJ Marlow dominate the footy and afterwards get all the ladies. He enjoys ice cream and a nice glass of scoth.
Scootsy: What are you doin tonight?
BJ Marlow: I'm gettin the ladies with pricey
by Ben Reid 20 October 26, 2010
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This is when you buy the most expensive hookers and cream pie them all just to ask for a refund when the baby pops out.
Yo Jack did you hear Cam did the other night?

No? What did he do?

He did a Pricey on about 10 hookers. He’s got 10 kids on the way.
by SpudMan123 July 14, 2020
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A man who loves vaginas then leaves them with a smile
Often referred to as the fixer, the price fixer or Fixer!
Gee I could really go a bit of Pricey sex!
by Brettggd February 19, 2016
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Something way too expensive; oftentimes used by individuals from the south who come to big cities and are in sticker shock over restaurant prices, etc.
The other day I went to this restaurant called "Totono's," the food was good- had the Penne a la Vodka, but it was pricey
by Need A32 November 23, 2010
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when somethin seems expensive 2 u, when u wanna b a jew an not pay 4 summat way out of ur cost
"dont that seem a bit pricey"
by spider June 17, 2004
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this is a rare word, often used to describe smelly scotsmen who smell.
by SHOW ME YOUR CAMEL TOE June 23, 2021
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