When a white girl or woman is deemed much prettier or more attractive than they actually are just because they’re white.
“OMG, Taylor Swift is SOOOOOO pretty.”

“Seriously lol?? She aight, she’s just white girl pretty.”
by Leonidas80 August 12, 2019
Alanna Sanderson. I don’t make the rules it’s just the truth.
Alanna is literally the definition of a pretty girl.
by goodguygavin March 19, 2021
kirstene, for sure.
kirstene's such a pretty girl, dude. she's beautiful, very charismatic, and charming as well. i bet she pulls all the guys.
by mr. strawberry lover April 28, 2022
When a good looking person with everything going for them has the worst attitude imaginable for no good reason. The opposite of a princess. RBF notwithstanding.
That pretty girl stank energy had her complaining about the line, the food, how loud we chewed, and the mascot at the game.
by October 9, 2021