1. The effect pretty girls have on people attracted to women

2. Glazed-over eyes and drool
"Poor guy, he was in the middle of a killer joke when Leslie walked in and the Pretty Girl Effect took over. What a shame..."

"Total Pretty Girl Effect! It was like I couldn't even breathe..."
by thelavena May 24, 2010
Problems hot girls have that no one else could relate to. Like having to close your Facebook or Instagram due to 1,000 random friend requests daily. Or being fired for making the bosses wife uncomfortable because you are too attractive.
"My girlfriend can't even eat by herself without some random dude sliding into the booth with her!!!" Jeez dawg. Sounds like pretty girl problems
by Bookworm Beauty March 7, 2019
When an atractive female thinks she is far more beautiful than all other women around her. Because of this she thinks she deserves to be treated superiorly, and makes demands on those around her. Her attitude is very centered on herself, but she suffers from very low self-esteem in actuality. Women suffering from pretty girl syndrome are often treated badly by the men they care about the most.
Frank meet Sally & Suzy at the club at the very same night. Because of Sally's pretty girl syndrome she was upset & shocked when frank was interested in Suzy and not her.
by Nikki Blanco February 23, 2011
Basically when a girl suddenly changes into more of a 'girlie girl'. She starts focusing on her overall appearance. Churchies tend to use this term for girls that walk away because they prefer to fit in with the popular kids.
Person1: What's with Ashley? She hasn't been to service in weeks.
Person2: Oh, she got the pretty girl disease.
Person1: I knew she kicked her look up a knotch.
by rarara May 5, 2005
An attractive girl that you would bang but is still ugly In her own right
Miley Cyrus is pretty but is a ugly pretty girl . She look like chipmunk with down syndrome
by A stupid genius December 31, 2011
she licks & kisses around the dick and never wants cum to touch her face!
She gave me pretty girl head, so I got mines off and left!
by MrLicNstic May 6, 2010
If a dude sends you this just know you’re pretty
Pretty girl day is for all the pretty girls who deserve it
by Luvcstamp May 12, 2022