Realllllllllllllllllllly Reallllllllllllllly stupid girls who think they're hott..
They're cocky!!
*The Plastics from Mean Girls
*Hilary and Halie Duff: we are such pretty girls!
*Some of the Burners
by saladtoppings August 23, 2006
To apply her own menstral blood in the form of make-up, in particular on her face, then to dance her around like a marionette singing in a soft tone, "pretty girl, pretty girl, who's a pretty girl?"
see above for an example of "Pretty Girl"
by Go_Figure January 22, 2009
A certain way in which a woman carries herself. Pretty girl swag is often recognized as a smart, sexy, attractive girl, who walks with her head held high and knows what she wants in life and knows how to get it. Can often be mistaken for a hot bitch, but girls with pretty girl swag have class and are not skanks by any means. Girls with pretty girl swag know how to get downnn and yet be a lady when theyre supposed to.

also a song by diamond.
by layniebaby July 11, 2010
The smell produced by pretty girls. Pretty Girl Smell is a concoction of pheromones and pharmaceuticals. It attracts with the musk of fertility and the smell of sweet food, leading its victims to believe that the pretty girl would be a) a desirable sexual partner and b) delicious, if worse came to worse.
Entirely heterosexual female: "Oo, Scheherazade, you smell different today, is that pomegranate perfume?"
(Enter PRETTY GIRL having bathed in lard soap)
Male population of the earth: **trembles, melts worships**
Entirely heterosexual female: **becomes misnomer**

Scheherazade: Confound you Pretty Girl Smell!
by Scheherazade June 23, 2009
Made popular by singer-songwriter Keri Hilson, the pretty girl rock can be interpreted in two ways, as a dance and as a deeply felt inner confidence.

The pretty rock allows you to embrace your insecurites, find your inner confidence and understand that what is on the outside does not define what is on the inside.

It therefore encourages self empowerment and self appreciation and ultimately, to love oneself unapologetically.
"Do the pretty girl rock, rock, rock..."

"My name is Keri, I'm so very, fly oh my, it's a little bit scary"
1. The condition of a physically appealing female with no other attractive features aside from appearance.
2. a. When an attractive young woman loses the ability to interact with others on a socially meaningful level, usually due to low self-esteem, a superiority complex, and excessive flattery at a young age.
b. The opposite of ugly duckling syndrome.
1. Wow, girl x is hot, but she only sits around and smokes.
2. a. Girl x probably does nothing because people who say they care about her only care about her looks.
b. It's too bad girl x became attractive so early in life; now she has serious issues, pretty girl disease, and is a camwhore.
by Xkazy July 22, 2006