A position of uselessness and voter fraud. all this fucking mail in voting make my friend win. this is scuffed
My friend is now class president because of voter fraud.
by Voter Fraud January 26, 2021
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A play on bench press; whenever you or anyone else is the one guy in the gym who acts like he has the world record bench press max, owns the bench station, and walks in as if "Hail to the Chief" starts playing as soon as he gets through the door. Used to refer to a badass jacked dude, or sarcastically to a not so jacked dude.
Lifter 1: Dude, you see that guy over there?

Lifter 2: Yea, that's the gym's official new bench president

Lifter 1: That guy is badass

Lifter 2: I hear he reps 4,000 lbs on bench press

(more sarcastically)

Guy 1: What's up bench president, you're looking exceptionally jacked today

Guy 2: Fuck you man
by briarbowls December 11, 2015
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Benitez a giga chad that should win the election. He carries the Baylen Levine community. He is a very cool and mature person.
by Gigagigagigachad November 26, 2021
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1 d for president is a term of expression when one is smart at geography it can also simultaneously be used as a way of describing a Harry styles fan
god you are very 1d for president today!
by Simoncowbell April 30, 2022
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A form of office defined by a series of national embarrassments and brought about by a unstable manboy who understands dumb people a bit too intimately.
Only a stable genius would define a consensual presidency as one where he lost the popular vote by a landslide and has one of the lowest approval ratings in American history.
by kuhlschool January 8, 2018
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The king or queen of all dorks. The highest form of Dork status. The ultimate Dork. The Dork that all other Dorks want to be like.
Gloria is such a Dork President. Its so Adorkable.
by JamesZ November 3, 2005
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