basically a girl who wears main-stream clothes such as Hollister, A&F and American Eagle. She dresses nicely but never out of style. She mainly wears clothes with some brand name glued to it.

She listens to anything featured on MTV or Much Music and also music from popular radio stations. it's uncommon for them to listen to scremo, but they will listen to rock.

Usually sterotyped as a bimbo, rich and a whore/bitch but in reality some can be in any class, pretty smart, and kinda nice.

Most teenage girls can be classified as preppy. ( keyword here is most...)
You'll Know one when you see preppy girls
by ~xox-L-emo-N-xox~ July 30, 2009
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Stupid bitches (usually hot) who think they own the world. Usually very rich and stuck up. They call other people sluts, when in reality they hook up with 5 ppl (3 boys 2 girls) at parties while drunk and end up smoking. Even though they are hot, who would honestly put up with stupid bitches like that? They also think they look fashionable, and they usually do, but clothes can't hide what's on the indside.
Damn, that preppy girl is fine! But what the fuck, is she drunk? An oh man, what is she doing to that dumb senior over there? Shit! She's only a freshman and she's goin down on him!

Another example is the stuck up bitch who wrote the second definition on this page. The one who said "People tear preps down so they feel better about their fashion statements" and "Oh we're so sterotyped." That dumbass is a prppy girl.
by AllesG July 06, 2006
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The "picture perfect" girls who seem to have it all, but really don't. They have absolutely no personality or brains and they're terried of being different even though, secretly, they may be yearning to be. They have perfectly sleek and straight hair and wear nothing but big brand names (e.g. American Eagle, Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, etc.). They carry around Vera Bradley bags and other clothes that make them look like dumbasses and they only listen to mainstream pop or rap music, sometimes throwing in the random alternative rock music that is "acceptable" for them to listen to. They are honestly some of the worst types of bitches I've ever encountered because they think they're all that and better than everybody. Here's what I say - be who you want to be. Don't be afraid to be different and DON'T be a prep. It's totally in your head and by being a preppy girl, you're just repressing the person you really want to be. Suck that, polo Ralph Lauren!
by YibbaYibbaDooDoo January 02, 2011
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From my experience, a girl born in a nice rich family, with the parents that care about her. But when they reach teenage, they wear bras and pants to look hot and try to be THE BIGGEST SLUTS IN THE WORLD but in reality, they never had sex or to be more accurate, never kissed someone. They are the opposites of chavs. They want all the attentiona and they are mean. Did i meantion they are very rich?
Sometimes they are very fat or VERY ugly and they wear bikini to make the boy to go crazy and don't see her deformed face but to see her boobies.
Preps are people you don't want to be friends with.
Preppy girls are people who act like some people theyr are NOT.
Many prep girls can be found on Myspace and Myyearbook posting like 1000 almost nude pics and having like 34345645756 friends who kiss they'r asses all the day.
by chavsrule June 25, 2006
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Girls that gossip about anything they can find out.They turn on their own friends after tey hear somthing bad about them.
by ?!?!?!?! October 22, 2003
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they wear short skirts tight ass cloths that dont fit and dont match. they only care about them selves and who they can smoke with over the weekend then they can get drunk and blackout and have sex with the quaterback of the football team then dont remember it the next day but everybody else does. they also have a small vocabulary and goes along with what other people think. they claim that if you talk shit about them then your just jealous but if they talk about you everyone agrees with the dumb slut.
i have had many arguments with them and they all seem to be the same.
by truth March 09, 2005
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