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Premie creamy pre-me cre-me
1. (Verb) When a guy accidentally creampies a girl/guy before the time he was predicting to ejaculate

2. (Noun) A surprise creampie for both the guy and his partner

3. (Adjective) Describing the aftermath of an unexpected creampie
1. Girl: 'WTF you finished already?!'
Guy: 'Fuck i gave you a premie creamy SOZ!'

2. Girl talking to friend: 'OMG! My boyfriend gave me a premie creamy, I better not get pregnant'

3. Guy: 'Last night i left an unexpected mess in Linda during coitus'
Friend: 'That's pretty premie creamy'

Other variations
Premie creamed, verb:

Boy: 'Sex so good, I premie creamed'
Premie creaming, verb:
Boy: 'This is really embarassing but i gave my girlfriend a premie creaming last night
Premie creamer, noun:
Chris: 'Yeah man, he's a renown premie creamer'
Premie cream, noun:
Girl: 'Fucking hell, I have to clean this premie cream out of my vaj'
by linglinglolol April 02, 2014
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