(noun)The nectar of a vagina in any form;the reaction from a stimulated vagina.
"Liz is coming over!I predict an 80% chance of vaginal precipitation."
by Semen Flower August 11, 2009
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When you find out you're STD status based on your most recent sexual partners STD test.
I don't have to get tested because Mary just did and she's clean, gotta love that reciprocal precipitation.
by Harriet Dubman November 27, 2014
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(see markovnikov's law)
Shit, more specifically, a skid mark.
*somebody lets rip*
"Sounds like you just left a brown precipitate!"
by Dominic June 4, 2004
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A condition characterized by an inability to detect the need to poop before the situation reaches crisis proportions
Mike was banned from all theatres in the city of Chicago because he suffered Precipitous Bowel Syndrome and would often interrupt performances by leaping from his seat and rushing to the bathroom. The final straw, however, was the day that, enraptured by the performance, he failed to take note of the warning signs and consequently sullied his seat.
by Jasper Obama, M.D. July 15, 2004
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basically different lingo for “i’m bored
y0u: cool, precipitation
Fry: same
by bemjam October 14, 2020
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The morning dew that temporarily bifurcates a gentlemen's stream, causing it to sprinkle either side of the lavatory
"Sorry about the seat love, I wasn't expecting the precipit"
by Senor Gooch November 1, 2019
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