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Something that was doomed from the start. Such as in a game or situation.
"We were playing euchre and I got a hand of 9s and 10s, that hand was pre fucked man."
by Jon Reed July 02, 2006
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When embarking on a long-distance relationship LDR and each party has gone past the stage of being crazy for one another but have yet to meet in person. Normally this would be called 'fucked' but because you've not had the chance to fuck yet, you're 'pre-fucked' or 'prefucked'. Which takes into consideration the waiting period of time before you get to actually fuck.
Steve, while chatting online with Sally: "I'm totally prefucked for you!"


John: "Man, Chris is dissing us again because of that girl he's talking to online!"

Bill: "Yeah man, he's totally prefucked about her."


Tina talking to Lisa: "Girl, why isn't Melissa hangin' out?! Is she prefucked with that guy she met on that dating site?"
by Jersey_in_Autumn November 22, 2011
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What you tell your current significant other when they ask you if you are a virgin or not.

or, you can choose to be a ho and when everyone talks shit about you, just say.."I'm not a slut, I'm just...pre-fucked"
It's like a pre-owned car, like new ,but broken in.

"Everyone says that Amy girl is a slut, but...I say she's just pre-fucked , man"
by teffie05 February 12, 2008
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