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Praisin’ Raisins are a form of fake currency that students at Hunt elementary receive for good behavior and strong academic work. This form of currency can be redeemed for prizes that are housed in a glass case that is on display in the cafeteria and have a point value. The higher the point value, the better the prize and the more Praisin’ Raisins students have to save up. Back in the day, Praisin’ Raisins were a colorful sheet of paper (usually green or pink) that had a picture of a dancing raisin on it. As noted in the photograph above, the current Praisin’ Raisin has been stripped of these features. Despite the change in design, the purpose remains the same. Students are given an opportunity to turn their good behavior and actions into a prize. For students from low-income surroundings, these toys provide a special opportunity to receive a reward for hard work without having to spend any money on it. The glass case of prizes motivates students to work hard and try to acquire the toy that they want the most before another student is able to get it. This form of positive reinforcement encourages students to do their best.
“You did a great job today Moochie! You get a praisin raisin! “
by Papito and Moochie May 03, 2018
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