A lesbian who has lots of money, possesions, and connections. A lesbian elitist. Usually only have lesbian affairs with other power lesbians.
What kind of lesbian is she?

She is a power lesbian. She has lots of bitchin money.
by Someone you dont know December 14, 2005
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A lesbian who can rock masculinity in a feminine way. Always has many connections in both the gay district as well as the outside world.
Ellen Degeneres and Joanne from Rent are both examples of power lesbians.
by gunhands May 24, 2009
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Well-suited dykes who rank in business, government or media and who move as a pack.
I was going to stay at the party longer, but all the Power Lesbians headed out to Nobu.
by Lisa Lynch January 18, 2005
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a genre of music defined by simple chords, female singers, and Melissa Ethridge. tons of butch lesbians have shaved their heads to these tunes. Many songs from this genre are about other women and feminist ideals. Some artists in this genre include its founder melissa ethridge, Oratory, Beautiful sin, Dream Maker, Dawn of destiny, Magika, and shadowside.
Damn baby, This Lesbian Power Metal makes me hate things with penises even more
by shitweezul May 24, 2010
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A female celebrity who just embues a powerful gay energy, regardless of whether or not they actually date women.
"Cate Blanchett, let's be real, in those suits she's a Lesbian Power Mom all the way"

"Jodie Foster is the Lesbian Power Mom we all want and need"
by tinymanticore04 February 26, 2019
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