Powderpuff football is an annual event in which highschool girls who don't mind getting down and dirty, seperate eachother by classes for a fierce game of football. The teams are coached by the guys who actually play football. What is supposed to be a innocent flag football game always ends up as rough tackle football. Ankles will be sprained, wrists will be broken, hips will be dislocated and muscles will be pulled. There are penalties against unnesessary roughness, but do you think that will stop them? i don't think so either.

the girls who usually participate in this event come from many social groups but they all have one thing in common... they're badasses.

The prize is nothing else then bragging rights. I'd say thats a pretty nice prize.

freshman girls usually have no idea whats aheads of them and will get dominated by all the upperclassmen.
Junior Guy: Our girls are soo fast.
Senior Guy: Our girls are lay your girls out.
Junior Guy: How can we settle this?
Senior Guy: Hows about a game of Powderpuff Football.
by pwdpff October 1, 2006
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