Our lord and saviour and leader of the universe.
His penis is gargantuan and his ass is huge.
The Queen: my god my legs have never shaked so hard after a night of fluster bluster like that.
Jake: that was splendid indeed
The Queen: let me examine The British Pound again young man
by FuckDrawstringBags June 9, 2021
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the act of using a 60v sawzall with the dildo attachment to pound out your butthole, only done by yellow 60v power tool fans fans for personal satisfaction

can also be used as "60 Volt Pounded" for past tense
scenario 1:the other morning after getting off from a very long 13.72 hour nightshift, i proceeded to climb in my tempurpedic mattress with adjustable box spring. After setting the mattress to position 2 (the best for 60 Volt pundings), i then 60 Volt pounded myself for the next hour until the battery died. those new 60v batteries really push the extra power needed for a good 60 Volt pounding!!

scenario 2: I 60 Volt pounded myself last night with the new larger attachment and the oscillating option. WOW, what a sensational rush

scenario 3: Vinny, why dont you sit down dor a moment?...na im good brah Because my ass is destroyed from when i 60 Volt pounded myself last night

Men's finest sex toys made in the USA, proudly making 60V pounding great again
by pump crew nightshift 19CIA February 14, 2019
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When you have worms and let someone have anal sex with you.
Went over to my friend's house the other day and he let me do a grave pound on him
by Fredds August 17, 2021
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1. a pound cake is a sponge cake found in rations
2. pound cake is a song made by drake
3. a pound cake are the squishy parts of a butt
Example 1:
Bro, what is that?
Me: its a pound cake m8

Example 2:
Bro, what are you listening to?
a song made by drake m8

Example 3:
Bro, what are you doing? It looks disgusting.
im showing my giant pound cakes m8
by h2008 June 15, 2018
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Used to describe someone that’s likable but pretty air headed.
Eh he’s nice but he’s a bit of a pound cake- sweet but dense.
by Lord Poo Poo August 7, 2020
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Jennifer: *passes by*

Fernando: *takes a glance at her ass* damnnnn..Jennifer’s got a pound cake!
by Alex Fonz March 4, 2022
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