When you jump off the corner of your bed, shit in mid air then land ass first on your significant others face when they are laying on the floor.
I totally gave your step mom the pound cake last night!
by MAX POWER187 February 24, 2020
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Thomas Pound plays games every lesson and he has a seven head and he is irrelevant he always says ‘ it is like’
You are acting like Thomas Pound
by I like white vans🚐 January 20, 2020
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When you can't hold back and you just have to pound that sausage.
Ahh man, I have been doing so much sausage pounding lately, I think I might have some serious problem.
by SausagePounder January 21, 2019
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When Allen gets drunk and pounds the shit out of some chick so when she wakes up she feels like she's been in a car wreck. Allen is a badass mo fo and will wreck pound you if he gets the chance when he's drunk, it's a pounding you will never forget because you may need medical treatment.
Damn, that chick looks like she got Wreck Pounded last night!!!
by aa01 May 31, 2012
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