Watching some Dr. Phil, drinking wine, and Flower Pounding is the definition of a productive Friday night.
by Sean Murry November 28, 2018
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When you hit it from behind and she's wearing a diaper.
I didn't know she was in to diaper pounding and had to stop at target for some buggies.
by Mrcappy June 07, 2021
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smashing a dick using something hard like a hammer or another dick till it's flat
yesterday my girlfriend gave me a dick pounding when I told her that I'm cheating on her
by horneybastard101 November 24, 2017
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A ruff orgy of four or more dogs.
Dog owner 1: Dude, I always knew my cousin was a weirdo.
Dog owner 2: Why?
Dog owner 1: I caught him filming a dog pound with my dogs, dick in hand.
Dog owner 2: Ew, gross.
by Throwaway11 August 20, 2017
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When one places the index finger in the rectum while self pleasuring oneself
Thats some hardcore double pounding you did lastnight
by Sucia504 April 26, 2017
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A Massive analfish that you are shocked even made it out without tearing. A bowl plugger, a brick. Plunger material.
"Dude, i just gave birth to a ten pound brown."
by Rhodeisland11 November 16, 2011
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A pair of pants of any style: Jeans, Casual, Dress, Etc... that a person buys when they expect to lose weight. Often these pants are found, squeezed into, and purchased with the intention of losing ten pounds so that they can be comfortably worn. Often these pants are found hanging in closets for years before being scornfully donated or just thrown away in disgust.
I grabbed a pair of 36/30 ten pound pants. I'm gonna lose the weight, I swear. When I lose ten pounds I should be able to rock these.
by Sweeturkraut April 02, 2017
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