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A totally-legitimate-but-unappealing-to-most-people food-selection (like a vegetarian casserole) that a shrewd/miserly citizen brings to a church supper or fundraising luncheon, enabling him to majorly "come out ahead" at the meal --- i.e., he can gluttonously stuff his own face with everyone else's scrumptious offerings, yet not have to actually contribute much of anything himself, since almost nobody else at the gathering will want to dip into the unappetizing food-selection that he brought, and so he can then just smugly take the still-brimming pot home again and polish it all off himself over the next several days. Extra points if the dish also happens to be one that the penny-pincher himself actually finds at least moderately tasty, since he will then not even have to "suffer" much at all while grinningly tucking away the food into his own tummy afterwards.
Ebeneezer Scrooge would always bring a huge steaming pot of mixed vegetables as an ideal potyuck meal offering whenever he attended a town-hall supper or other public dinner --- this was one of his favorite foods, and nobody could object/complain about his perfectly-healthy choice of meal-contribution, but most of the other attendees would hungrily head for the far-more-appealing "meat 'n' potatoes" and "sweet stuff" culinary delights brought in by other citizens, and so Scrooge would be able to totally pig out on these same delicacies to his hearts content, yet never have to actually end up spending much if any money on feeding anyone else because he'd always wind up getting to eat most of the veggie-soup himself sometime afterwards... cleverrrr!!!
by QuacksO October 27, 2017
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