ricotta cheese, especially as referred to by Italians native of Newark, New Jersey
"Hey, Joey, can you pass me some more pot cheese for my macaroni?"
by Alanna MM May 26, 2008
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After you finger a "woman" with Cheetos dust on your Falangies
Sally let Greg dip his fingers in the cheese pot at the party.
by Crack babies October 4, 2016
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a vagina,so gastly that it reeks of big foots dick from a five foot radius with inner lips being more visible than outer lips or outer lips being gone completely.also harrier than any known primate.
man1:whos that fat chick?
man2:i don know.
man1:looks kinda like rosie o'donnel.
man2:dude u think she has a cheese pot?
by -cODY- August 19, 2005
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