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The feeling that plagues art students when they realize all the work they have ever done is postmodern and not as awesomely original as they first thought. They may find themselves thinking, "How can I do something that's not postmodern?" Which is sadly the most postmodern move they could make because postmodernism is a critique of previous art movements and or cultural phenomena.
girl 1: aw man I just realized the dress I decorated with smiley faces from those plastic bags I collected is sooo postmodern.

girl 2: Yeah analyzing the facial differences of the smiley faces found of a common place consumer product is pretty postmodern I would say

girl 1: what do I do to not be postmodern then?

girl 2: Sadly there is nothing you can do. But on the bright side at least your not a hipster who is oblivious to how postmodern all their unoriginal art is. Don't get into postmodern depression now cheer up!

girl 1: Postmodernism sucks man but I love it at the same time :(
by dangercat June 22, 2010
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