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this occurs to many of us, mostly on facebook, or youtube, or even here. it is that feeling of regret and dissatisfaction when you think of how your comment could have been better. it can apply also when you have posted a hypotheses and you end up being proven wrong.
(walkin out to your car to get to work) haha, i should have posted that. oh well

a lot of posters remorse occurred on febuary 4 2008. gmen ftw
by fatguylittlecoat November 08, 2009
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when you post a word on UD, but then change your mind and would like to remove it
After I submitted one or two words, I suffered from poster's remorse- now I'd like to remove them and I don't know how
by Meadow Soprano November 08, 2005
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The regretful feeling one gets after posting a message, comment or UD definition online that cannot be removed.
"I kind of have poster's remorse about calling that guy on youtube a bitch for liking Sum 41 last night, he might not realize I was kidding..."
by your mom's anarchy April 05, 2008
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The feeling of regret after posting a particular item on Facebook, such as a status update, photo or video.
There's not enough likes on this post... I think I have Poster's Remorse!

In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have called that girl a whore on Facebook. Totally have poster's remorse.
by JustinJon June 14, 2013
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When you post something on social media and immediately regret it.
I just posted a video to instagram but now I am feeling posters-remorse. I should of added music and tagged Tommy.
by ScottRandolph83 November 28, 2015
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the feeling one may have just as he or she hits the "post" button at UD talk or on the UD wall. just like closing the barn door after the horse has fled!
gee, you'd think all these defs i've published, all the talk posts, and all the stuff i've written on the UD wall should have given me a severe case of poster's remorse........nah, screw 'em all!!!
by earpuller July 20, 2006
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