The feeling that a chunk of your heart was just ripped out after having finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, knowing that you will never again feel the anticipation, the excitment, the pre-release hype that ever accompanies a Harry Potter book release.
After gloating that she was right about Snape all along, post-Potter depression kicked in and the girl locked herself in her room for a week straight continuously sobbing and shouting riddiculous incantations at the door trying to make it turn into a portal to Hogwarts.
by Cassandra_L_B August 2, 2007
The empty feeling that comes from finishing the seventh book in the Harry Potter series and realizing there will be no more.
Lucy started reading the Golden Compass books to fight her post-Potter depression but she said she just kept waiting for Voldemort to show up.
by Iva-Marie March 29, 2007
The feeling a nerd gets after reading the last book about fairies and wizards and other homo-erotica...AKA Harry Potter.
"I just finished the last Harry Potter book, I think I have post-Potter depression. What do you think?"
"I think you have sand in your vagina."
by Johansolo August 7, 2007
when the intern (who looks like harry potter) leaves to go back to school.
i've got a great mom joke, but mark's not here. i've got some serious post-Potter depression .
by jerkman September 4, 2007
The depression one feels upon finishing a Harry Potter novel, or the Harry Potter series. Is brought about by the realization that one must return to the real world, and that reclusive reading does not make one a wizard.
Usually felt internationally in the two weeks succeeding the book's release.

Post Potter Depression (PPD) is an emotional state, and is generally inversely related to the Economic Post Potter Elation (EPPE) initially felt by Bloomsbury, Scholastic, and Raincoast Books, and felt soon thereafter by the world's retail booksellers.

Post Potter Depression may remain incurable for some, but many recover within a week of showing initial symptoms.
Most people, mainly parents, feel it is not a serious condition and will cure itself.
Crikey, Dave! Take off the Gryffindor scarf and come for a swim! I think you're suffering from Post Potter Depression!
by Aaroneous Truths July 26, 2007
The feeling one gets after completing the final book of the Harry Potter series, knowing that there is no more to the story and you have nothing left to look forward to anymore.
Man, I finished the Deathly Hallows and just sat around for days staring at it, wishing there was more...I think I've got Post-Potter Depression.
by Major Matt August 18, 2007
When a fanboy or fangirl watches the last Harry Potter movie, they are overtaken with severe depression, usually characterized by five stages: denial, pain, anger, depression, and acceptance.

Some anti-depressants to Post-Potter Depression are watching A Very Potter Musical AVPM or A Very Potter Sequel AVPS, rereading the books or rewatching the movies, or curling up in the fetal position, drowning you sorrows with hard liquor, and praying for an acceptance-letter baring owl.

It is quite a tragedy to behold. During this period, and after, Twilight must be no where in the vicinity. The mockingness of the awful acting will send the sufferer into a deeper depression, restarting the cycle anew.
The five stages of Post-Potter Depression

Denial: "No! It's not over! And...and Dumbledore isn't dead! Yes! Neither is Dobby!"

Pain: "Why? Why? Oh cruel J.K Rowling, giving us this gift then yanking it away so quickly!"

Anger: "I'm going to murder Hollywood! Grah! And you too, kitty!" "Meow?" (an innocent cat may die. R.I.P kitty.)


Acceptance: "You know, this actually isn't so bad. In fact, I--is that Robert Pattinson?"

(then back to Denial)