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The after effect of sex so good or awful that you get flashbacks
Good- That girl was a freak she gave me a case of post traumatic sex disorder, I've been rock hard all day!

Bad- I don't want to talk about it she gave me ptsd my dick won't work right for a week and my balls need a lobotomy.
by jjerzey November 20, 2013
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When one witnesses, or experiences, something both sexual, and disturbing, forever altering, and warping their mind. Usually involves a recurring thought, feeling, or image, of the traumatic sexual event.
1) Dude, I was flipping through the channels in the video booth at the adult bookstore, and saw this video I would never want to see. Now I keep remembering it and never want to go to the bookstore ever again. I think I have post-traumatic sex disorder now.

2) Dude, I was banging my girlfriend on her period, and got blood everywhere. Now whenever I see blood I get a hard-on. I have a bad case of post-traumatic sex disorder

3) Dude, I hacked my professors e-mail, and now I know he's a kinky, depraved homosexual, that has sex with students. I had to withdraw from his class because my post-traumatic sex disorder was keeping me from focusing.

4) Dude, my girlfriend barfed all over me when she gagged on my wang during a blow-job. It was horrible, the smell, her puke got in my mouth. My post-traumatic sex disorder is so bad I can't get hard anymore when I get head.

5) Dude, I walked in on my parents having sex. I now have post-traumatic sex disorder so bad I decided to get on methadone to kill my libido.
by JJ. Styles February 15, 2012
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