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is an agreement between former lovers after they have split up not to sleep with eachothers friends or sulley there good name or fail to return belongings of that person
me and jenny split up today, dont worry though we have a post nuptial agreement so it should be amicable
by keirse July 11, 2010
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invented by the royal family of Denmark in 2006 as an insurance policy against the greedy spendthrift Crown Princess Mary. The agreement supplants the prenup signed by Mary and Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, removing from the "princess" the right to occupy one of the family's fabled palaces.
Crown Princess Mary's family, the Boganson tribe of Hobart, are devastated by the news of the post-nuptial agreement - it sets back their designs on the contents of the Danish treasury...
by Miggly December 04, 2006
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