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To orgasm after the act of sex has been completed. The opposite of pre-mature ejaculation.
Jack failed to ejaculate during sex with Jill but successfully came afterward while eating a bowl of cereal in a phenomenon known as post mature ejaculation.
by brazzee September 04, 2010
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1. The act of nutting into a woman HOURS AFTER she's orgasmed.
2. The act of just being plain old gay.
Oh my god, Becky, I wish Freddy would just cum into me, but no, he's a man of postmature ejaculation! It takes 2 hours of pushing, and it makes me ache between the legs!
by Plisky March 01, 2009
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When a man fucks beyond what is a comfortable length of time for the comfort and well being of a woman's vagina.
Man: If ejaculating prematurely is frowned upon, then wouldn't a post mature ejaculation be preferable ?
Woman: Not exactly.
by ChardTortilla April 25, 2017
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Its when you jerk off before you hang out with a chic so you don't act so horny and weird around her at first.
I would've acted like a thirsty ass dude around her, but post-mature ejaculation took care of that. Instead, we had a great time. Still got laid though
by Lucas McCain April 14, 2015
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