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A classy, upper class / upper -middle class area located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Commonly referred to as the PE. It is home to professionals, such as doctors, laywers, and engeneers. There are many preps that live in Portland Estates. The adults drive nice cars and apperance is important. People commonly have the misconception that people who live in PE are rude or snarky towards people who are not preps or who do not have the same amount of money. This, however, is untrue. People who live in Portland Estates were brought up the correct way.
Portland Estates is also home to many parties. It is believed that people who live in PE are a bunch of goodie goodies, but this isn't the case either. PE knows how to party in the big houses where they're rarely caught, or even in a near by hotel.
Person 1 :I'm going to an awesome party in Portland Estates tonight.
Person 2 :Aren't they all snobs?
Person 3 :No way! They're really nice.
by thevalleygirl April 18, 2008
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