A teleport, common term among role players.
hurry and give me a port.

"Porting to BB, GFay, WC, and NK 10pp" -EverQuest
by Anonymous February 18, 2003
Port (v): To rewrite code in a different programming language that remains functionally identical.
by codemastercode January 26, 2011
pants that are to long to be shorts or shorts that are to short to be pants

also see shants
I made my pants into ports
by crab people April 2, 2004
(n) The anus.
(v) To shag someone up the arse
(n) Check out the size of the port on that chick. She looks like a horse has taken her.
(v) John ported Jane again last night. Poor thing's walking like a crab today !
by Clayton_ March 23, 2006
Person 1: Oh look there goes a 16 year old girl in a Mercedes Benz.
Person 2: She must be from The Port
by Ct yankee September 30, 2004
the endless bitching of a girlfriend and/or female around you
Jen is just porting all the time now.

I can't take this porting much longer, it never ends.
by phreak136 July 16, 2005
don't forget to put your books in your port before you go to school
by Annie February 6, 2003