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-the second shittiest place on staten island

-6,000 delis

-ralph’s and deninos are basically the only nice places

-everybody zoned for port change they address on the high school application so they can go to wagner

-every kid either went to 51, 72 or 27
-everyone who doesn’t live on the north shore thinks there’s gangs and drugs
“im moving to port richmond”
“why, it’s a shitty area
by newyork_savage58 July 23, 2018
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Portrichmond a place where there is a lot of white kids and also bikelife kids that wheelie and swerve ongoing cars
Portrichmond the best place to get robed
by Josh merano July 24, 2018
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A Ghetto piece of shit neighborhood on the North Shore of Staten Island. Port Richmond Avenue has nothing but a bunch of ghetto Mexicans and Blacks. The surrounding area at night by Park Avenue and Ann Street is surrounded by nothing but skells, crackheads, and drug infested gangs and burnouts. Avoid this area at all costs and go to the Staten island mall or further south to experience the true good and nice side of Staten island.
Go take a walk around at night around Port Richmond Avenue and Veterans Park. Just make sure the usual 1,000 NYPD Cops are outside standing on Impact control rather than a few.
by New York City R October 09, 2013
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