Someone who is well known.
Midna is the most popular girl/imp I know. Her IMDB page went up over 160% this week!
by Pweegue August 11, 2009
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Kids who everyone loves to hate. A lot of the so called "unpopular" kids want to be like them so badly they'll do anything to be their friends. Poeple think that popular kids aren't like the kids on tv, this is only true sometimes. A lot of popular kids, girls mostly, will find any oportunity to put someone else down. Most of the time they're nice one on one, but in a large group, they are at they're strongest. If you disagree with this, you're either in the perfect school, are oblivious to ur surruondings or you are popular.
girl 1: someone just made fun of me for hanging out with a guy.
girl 2: who?
girl 1: jane.
girl 2: i could have guessed it was one of the populars
by unpopular and loving it! October 21, 2007
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1.)People always think that this means stupid:not the case. They can be damn intelligent know-it-alls in class, but often have to follow every trend to carry on Bing "popular". They have a massive group of "friends" that would ditch them at the drop of a hat, and tramp around town in large groups doing sod all. They have to gang up to pick on one person Bcoz they're actually decent.
2.)Someone who is actually likeable, friendly and has proper friends.
Look at her. She's got all the latest fashionable clothes. Everyone loves her.

Yeah. Until she says sumfing 2 the wrong person and everyone hates her.
by Maddie Graves January 04, 2004
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Someone who talks a lot and is well liked/ or not well liked by their peers. Has/ had a lot of boyfriends/girlfriends. "makes-out" with different people everyday.if very popular and knows it, will act in a snobbish way and treats people who are different then them "socially" like peice of trash on a street.

1. Is invited to a lot of parties.

2. "social butterfly"

" Willow! Nice dress! Good to know you've seen the softer side of Sears.
willow: Uh, oh, well, my mom picked it out.
Cordelia: No wonder you're such a guy magnet. Are you done?"

"You wanna fit in here, the first rule is: know your losers.
Once you can identify them all by sight (glances after Willow) they're a
lot easier to avoid."

"Definitely. My favorite time of year. (giggles) I am, of
course, having my dress specially made. Off the rack gives me hives."

when ran in-to in the hallCordelia: Uhhh! Behold, the weirdness!

in call discussion with a popular vrs a nerd
Willow: Well, everyone looked down on him.

Cordelia: That is such a twinkie defense. Shylock should get over himself. People who think their problems are so huge craze me. Like this
time I sort of ran over this girl on her bike. It was the most traumatizing event of *my* life, and she's trying to make it about *her* leg! Like *my* pain meant nothing.

after boyfriend got beat upWell, the doctor says he'll be fine. They're gonna send him
home tomorrow. But... you should've seen him lying there. All black and blue? How's he gonna look in our Prom pictures? How am I ever gonna be able to show them to anyone

feelings on being "popular"Hey! You think I'm never lonely because I'm so
cute and popular? I can be surrounded by people and be completely alone.
It's not like any of them really know me. I don't even know if they like
me half the time. People just want to be in a popular zone. Sometimes
when I talk, everyone's so busy agreeing with me, they don't hear a word
I say.

"Thank you for making the right choice, and for showing me how
much you all love me. (applause) Being this popular is not just my
right, but my responsibility, and I want you to know I take it very
by nathalie marcom April 27, 2005
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A bunch of highschoolers/middleschoolers who have a lot of friends but can be mean to unpopular kids. They can also be mean to others because they are jealous or feel inferior to that particular person cus he/she has more/better qualities. However some popular people can be nice, at least, that's what I've been reading her... To tell the truth this is not true in my school XD
Example 1:

unpopular kid no.1: " you know, (popular kid) asked if I liked the clothes I wear..."

Unpopular kid no.2: "What?! She probably thought that your clothes are not in style!"

Example 2:

popular girl: "Oh wow, I used to wear that dress when I was 7!"

unpopular girl: "oh... ???"

(few minutes later) "Hey,wait a minute, she just made fun of my dress!!!"
by WierdAssGirl101 September 05, 2010
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adjective: term meaning you are 'well known' or 'liked' by many such as friends associates or acquaintances. some confuse this definition as 'loved' and so on.... which is not really true if you had a half a brain to think with. sadly there are many out there who think being 'popular' is being loved or wanted in some material cover up way for their not yet classified emotional void(s) that is lacking with the ugly reality because at the end of the day, "popularity" does not win. Unless of course, you have the mentality of an highschooler and you want to become the next prom king or queen. This is my personal opinion so I will put whatever definition I damn well please.
Not all 'popular' ones think they are better than the not so 'popular' geeks,freeks,and so on but I can bet my life on it that when you are mature enough, you will see this popularity crap is not all it's hyped up to be. THAT IS, when and if you do mature.
Having great friends through the tears and laughter is a rare and beautiful thing though.
Popular Individual:I am popular because I am constantly up to date with all the latest fashions and you are not because you are POOR.
by Whutsthepoint February 03, 2009
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1. Widely known both in a positive and negative fashion:
Ex. The fruit cakewas a very popular brand although it did not compare with her homemade recipe.
by The Lemon Hunter June 26, 2005
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