A person who has a bunch of friends, usually popular. A lot of them are nice but most can be complete bitches.

Most are athlectic and suck up to teachers to get better grades. In gym the make the non-athletes run for everything.

They talk about people behind their backs and then deny once they are caught.

They also spread rumors like wild fire.
Popular child when girl is around: Oh, hi. You're so nice and such a good friend

Popular child when girl leaves: Shes so mean. What a fat bitch.
by Not a pop-tart June 10, 2006
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what you wish you were...yah thats right dont be jealouse of us because we are teen royalty and you are SCUM...you may think that you will get us back in the long run, but even if you do you will always be haunted by being the LeWsEr in highschool...so go eat by the dumpster biotch!
jesse:i wish i was popular like amy and katie
ryan:ya i wish you were too that way i could talk to you in public instead of just screwing you on thursday nights when your parents arent home and i sneak over here.
jesse:you could just talk to me in public anyways
ryan:are you fucking dumb? you may be pussy but im not willing to ruin my chances with amy or katie for your stupid ass
jesse:you have no chances with amy or katie
ryan:so? i still would never be caugh dead in public with you...now go throw up that nutragrain bar before you gain a pound.
by findingscreamo52 January 31, 2005
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a word that used to mean: cool and welll liked by other people.
these days it refers to a bitchy person, typically a girl in this sense, that likes to talk shit about other girls, have sex with everything in site, lower other peoples self esteem, and brush her hair.
girl 1- omg that bitch just stole my boyfriend and fucked him while brushing her hair!

girl 2- wow shes so popular.
by raych90210 May 08, 2009
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People who WILL rule the world, and WILL become idol figures of society. Why? Because even if they are unskilled dolts, they have something you pimply-faced squibs don't have, charisma.

Charisma is the magnetic attraction that makes populars, popular. You can flaunt your overpriced cheesy college education however you like, but once the popular enters the scene, his sheer dead-sexiness will acquire him that management job, cutting the floor beneath your pasty ass. They are natural leaders, you are not.

If you can't become a popular based on your looks and desirable personality, there's always a faster and more effective way, being a bully. They'll think twice before they cross your line-of-sight again.
Hot-legged Office Secretary: Well Mr. Wong, everything seems to be in order here.

Socially Inept Geek: And may I inquire you to have a personal appointment with me at the annual Californian Astrocon Cosplay Convention? Wear spandex *wink* *wink*

Hot-legged Office Secretary: Security!

20 Minutes Later, candidate for interview #34 shows up

Ex-high school popular: Duhm, do you have an application?

Hot-legged Office Secretary: How about I invite you into a steamy 30 minute session of casual office sex?

Ex-high school popular: Life has never been so easy! Out of the way nerd!

He kicks the unconcious Socially Inept Geek aside, pushes all of the office items off the desk and closes the door
by C Tan November 16, 2005
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Something that a lot of people are paranoid about because if what they liked was popular, they wouldn't be "cool" anymore.
"This band rules."
*Band gets popular*
"This band sucks."
by nikkan_hanil June 30, 2004
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Someone who is well-liked by others. SOME can be snobby, but definitly not all! A lot are very nice and smart! Some are just plain sluts and think that they are the world. Popular people can be liked by there intelligence, looks, lack of intelligence, reputation, or being nice! Popular people are real people with real feelings and a real brain! The so-called "dumb" ones just act that way to be accepted by others.
Nice example: Whitney is very popular, because she is so nice!

Mean example: Leah is a slut! Thats why shes so popular!
by Whitney April 21, 2004
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Someone who thinks that they are "all that" and uses the fake relationships amongst their similar freinds to prop themselves up and bring others down.
I hate the popular girls!!

Those populars are always together!
by crazeedaizee March 11, 2009
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