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The act of getting dressed up, looking fly as hell, wearing a minimum of 3" inch heels (preferably higher) and dancing your ass off into the wee hours of the morning. Applicable to men and women alike, however usually referring to women and gay men. Straight men have also been known to "pop pussy," however they must be able to master or outperform others one or more of the following: twerking, Jersey Turnpike, Soulja Boi, the stripper/lady of the night pole seduction moves.
"Biiiitttttcccch....get dressed. We poppin' pussy tonight."
by Pussy_Popper March 04, 2017
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The act of eating pop rocks while eating a chicks pussy. Then afterwards pouring soda inside of the pussy thus giving the popping sound. (Drinking optional)
I surprised Sally by giving her a poppin pussy last night.
by Jebus H. Rice the $4 meal July 10, 2008
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